• What problem do you think my jewelry solves?

    As an entrepreneur, we are always faced with this question. The need to create a product that solves a problem. Purchasing a product, could be as simple as boredom or as profound as commemorating a loved one’s death. I cannot answer this question for you, but I can build a framework for you.

    Some phrases that come to mind when I ask myself: What problem does my jewelry solve would be: I believe consumers want something that is interesting, innovative, and high value. I try to design jewelry pieces that withstand the test of time. New fads are not my thing. Fads come and go, but classic stays forever. This is where value comes into place. Spending your hard earned money into a piece of jewelry that you can wear for many years to come and look fantastic is what Marye Brenda jewelry is about. Gift giving can be challenging, either gifting for others or for yourself. I hope I can solve this challenge for you. Give me a shout. Tell me what you think what problem Marye Brenda jewelry solves for you.

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