Are You a Creative Jewelry Styler?

You certainly love your Sapphires!  Wearing Onyx and Obsidian will certainly accentuate your creativeness.  Just like the undulating wavy lines of the ocean, wavy chains is your choice - not those boxy chains for you.   Creative Jewelry Styling is connected to wavy, undulating and formless shapes. Stick to soft waves, rather than patterns with sharp points (no zigzags).  Look for soft abstract, paisley enamel pieces, You can find this also in the texture of a piece of jewelry.  Loving the colors of black, dark gray and dark blue, you have a lot of necklaces, earring and bracelet choices that will invoke the real you.  Being a creative you are very impressionable and sensitive.

Adding your personal creative signature to your appearance is self-validating and positive.

Images below are to represent the wavy lines which can be found in all types of jewelry.

Creative Jewelry Style Earrings by Marye Brenda Jewelry

   Creative Jewelry Style Cuffs, Bracelets and Rings by Marye Brenda Jewelry

Creative Jewelry Style Necklaces by Marye Brenda Jewelry

Don't know YOUR Jewelry Style?  Want to know WHY you should?  Check out our Jewelry Styler page to find out: Jewelry Styler

Feel Good, Feel Confident wearing the jewelry for YOU!

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