Are you a Daring Jewelry Styler?

You are charismatic, powerful and passionate, usually in the moment, positive, cheerful and affectionate.  You are a Daring Jewelry Styler.  To insert this personality, wear jewelry that have angular shapes (sharp edges, triangular), Do v-necklines catch your eye? Of course they do.  Wear red with those angular earrings and you are on Fire!  

The colors Red, Purple, and pinks are perfect for you both in your necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but in your fabric choices.  Also animal prints, zigzags, shiny, satin, and silk prove you are as passionate in your jewelry selection as you are in your life.  

Daring Jewelry Style Cuffs by Marye Brenda Jewelry    Daring Jewelry Style Earrings by Marye Brenda Jewelry


Daring Jewelry Style Necklaces by Marye Brenda Jewelry

Don't know YOUR Jewelry Style?  Want to know WHY you should?  Check out our Jewelry Styler page to find out: Jewelry Styler

Feel Good, Feel Confident wearing the jewelry for YOU!

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