Are you a Nurturing Jewelry Styler?

You can't get more of an earth centered person than a nurturer.  Yup, the earth colors for perfect for you.  Think orange, ochre, earth tones, yellow, and browns.  Are you drawn to square necklines?  Of course you are.   Are you attracted to the copper and bronze metals?  Never knew why?  Well, you are definitely a Mother Earth type.  You love those boxy, square jewelry chains.  The square shaped earrings feel sooo good.  Keep it up.  You are your most comfortable with necklaces, earrings and bracelets/cuffs with these shapes and colors.  Also fabrics of plaids, coarse and nubby textures are perfect.  


Nurturing Jewelry Style Earrings by Marye Brenda Jewelry   Nurturing Jewelry Style Bracelets, Cuffs and Rings by Marye Brenda Jewelry   Nurturing Jewelry Style Necklaces by Marye Brenda Jewelry

Don't know YOUR Jewelry Style?  Want to know WHY you should?  Check out our Jewelry Styler page to find out: Jewelry Styler

Feel Good, Feel Confident wearing the jewelry for YOU!


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