Are you a Reserved Jewelry Styler?

Round and metallic baubles are the name of the game for you!  With your refined and elegant taste in jewelry how could Sterling Silver or Argentium Silver go wrong for you.  Adding white, dots, and luxurious fabrics to your fashion closet will accentuate the Reserved Jewelry Styler in you.  With an analytic mind, the round shapes are perfect!  Add pale greys and pale blues to your arsenal and you are all set. Don't forget the ovals. 

Nothing speaks louder for a Reserved Jewelry Styler than a shiny round sterling silver or Argentium Silver necklace.

Reserved Jewelry Styler Bracelets, Cuffs and Rings by Marye Brenda Jewelry     Reserved Jewelry Styler Earrings by Marye Brenda Jewelry



Reserved Jewelry Styler Necklaces by Marye Brenda Jewelry

Don't know YOUR Jewelry Style?  Want to know WHY you should?  Check out our Jewelry Styler page to find out: Jewelry Styler

Feel Good, Feel Confident wearing the jewelry for YOU!

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