Sand Dollar Symbolism

Legend has it that inside the shells of the sand dollar are five doves.  When the sand dollar is broken, the five doves are released bringing peace and goodwill to the world.  By wearing the sand dollar, you are invoking the spirit of the doves to bring peace throughout the world.

Also embedded in the sand dollar symbolism is that some believe they symbolize God's creation.

They flow with the ocean, moving freely, but miraculously they do so in groups.  They all live and move together with the gentle sometime rhythmic flows of the ocean waters.  Sometimes even in the harshest of weather, they still live and move in groups.  We can take lessons from this.  As humans we need each other, not just for survival, but for socialization, pleasures, protection, trust, empowerment., etc.  Wear the sand dollar and gain strength and inspiration.  

You will find sterling silver sand dollar earrings and necklaces in our Ocean Collection.  Wear the sterling silver sand dollar as a symbol of peace or give it as a special gift.  

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