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  • Sizing a Bolo

    Sizing a Bolo

    When sizing bolos two things should be taken into account: the size/stature of the person and the height/general size of the person.  It is customary to wear bolos when the bolo cord tips land about 3 to 4 inches below the breastbone.  As a general rule, wearers of the bolo that are 6 feet tall or shorter with an average build are advised to purchase cords between 36 and 38 inches in length.  We find that a length is perfect around 36 inches.  Taller men or those with heftier builds often prefer cords between 40 - 44.  My husband is not a small man and has around a 17 1/2" neck plus he is over 6' tall.  He definitely wears a 44" bolo tie handsomely.  Check out how his bolo fits here.  Also my grandson, Vance, who will be modeling soon is very tall and on the slim side.  He also will be wearing a 44" bolo.

    If you haver questions on sizing, please give us a call.  We carry in stock both 36" and 44" bolos.  However, if you prefer a different size, we can custom fit just for your favorite person.