The True Significance of Jewelry

As the New Year begins, many are looking to exercise and/or diet to change their image or change their perspective.  We want to look our best and our clothing, hairstyles and even jewelry express what our intentions are.  Looking at the powers of what our jewelry processes is one significant way to develop a holistic view of ourselves.

"Your Jewelry Introduces You Even Before You Speak".  We've heard this quote many times, but have we taken it seriously?  Our clothing and hairstyles and even nails are forefront in our minds when we get dressed for an occasion (work, party, date, exercise).  But if looked at closely, our jewelry tells a lot about our personality, our values, even our prized economic status.  

Use your jewelry power to express your identity, change/embrace your mood; shift the power in the room to YOUR WAY; or validate your compassion for sustainability.  Change your perspective - change your jewelry!

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