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Jewelry Talk

  • Finding YOUR Jewelry Style - Is it Important?

    Finding your jewelry style
    Your jewelry choices have meaning and are aligned with your personality and intention. To save money, time and to always reflect the true YOU, find out Your Jewelry Style.
  • 24k gold and black patina Bar Necklace

    24k gold and black patina Bar Necklace
    24k gold really stands out with the black patina underlay.  
  • Sizing a Bolo

    Sizing a Bolo

    When sizing bolos two things should be taken into account: the size/stature of the person and the height/general size of the person.  It is customary to wear bolos when the bolo cord tips land about 3 to 4 inches below the breastbone.  As a general rule, wearers of the bolo that are 6 feet tall or shorter with an average build are advised to purchase cords between 36 and 38 inches in length.  We find that a length is perfect around 36 inches.  Taller men or those with heftier builds often prefer cords between 40 - 44.  My husband is not a small man and has around a 17 1/2" neck plus he is over 6' tall.  He definitely wears a 44" bolo tie handsomely.  Check out how his bolo fits here.  Also my grandson, Vance, who will be modeling soon is very tall and on the slim side.  He also will be wearing a 44" bolo.

    If you haver questions on sizing, please give us a call.  We carry in stock both 36" and 44" bolos.  However, if you prefer a different size, we can custom fit just for your favorite person.  

  • New Collection of Bolos

    Sterling Silver and Leather bolo tie

    With two men in the family that just LOVE bolos, I just had to try my hand at making them.  I combined my etching skills along with my love of silver to create some stunning pieces.  There are 4 designs on my drafting table just ready for me to turn plain sheets of silver into bolos that men (and women) would be proud to wear.  Have a country/western wedding planned?  Monogrammed bolos are the PERFECT compliment to those cowboy boots.  On the website soon.  

    Yes, that is my husband modeling.  Didn't take too much coaching because he just loves his cowboy hat.  Look for more picts with my grandson, Vance, showing off his hand made bolo collection.   

  • Wedding Gifts

    Weddings take a lot of planning and coordination.  Like shopping for the perfect dress, flowers or wedding reception venue, you want something that speaks to the personalities of you and your beloved.  When looking for that perfect (but unique) gift, Argentium Silver and Sterling Silver jewelry tops the list.  Tell your  future Mother-in-Law that she is appreciated, and tell your Mother how grateful you are for everything.  Besides she bore and raised that unique child.  Offering statement cuffs/bracelets/earrings and even cufflinks, you will find that each selection is as unique and classic as you are!  Many more designs coming soon.  
  • Accentuating Your Inner Beauty with Feng Shui Elements

    Feng Shui Blog by Marye Brenda
    This will be a series of blogs in which I explain the basic concepts and elements of Feng Shui and how you can choose your jewelry to accentuate your inner beauty, and to accent your wardrobe according to your motivations and intentions.  Have an important business meeting and want to show confidence and strength?  I will show you how to use the five Feng Shui elements to accomplish your intentions.