Teddy Says ....

  • My first trip of the Year

    Mom and Dad have started their journey down the East Coast sharing and spreading the news about The Teddy Collection, named after me, of course.  It's a beautiful collection of jewelry designed for pets (like me) and their human family (like Mom & Dad).  With enamel necklaces, earrings and cuffs all with paw prints.  I luv them!  

    im getting older now (wow, a year old!) and traveling is much better, though I really can't decide whose lap to sit on.  


    And then we arrived!  We are at Arlington, VA. Thanks Mom. 

    ,In the RV safe and sound.  I even get to sleep in their bed when we travel.  





  • Dog Fashionista

    I received my first official haircut from Bark of the Town in Shrewsbury, PA.  They did an awesome job.  Even though I do not have an official LowChen haircut, I think I am pretty snazzy.

    Dog Jewelry by Marye Brenda Designs

    Puppy cuts works better for me as I am always chasing squirrels and hiding my bones in the ivy.  My present was a really cool RED necklace.  I think it is my color.  Mommy, of course, had to design a matching one for her.  I kinda like that!  We are the bestest of friends.  I hope she designs more for us.  I mean, really, when I go out,  they know I'm a COOL dude!  Doggie runway here I come.....

    Thanks MOM! 



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