• Dog Fashionista

    I received my first official haircut from Bark of the Town in Shrewsbury, PA.  They did an awesome job.  Even though I do not have an official LowChen haircut, I think I am pretty snazzy.

    Dog Jewelry by Marye Brenda Designs

    Puppy cuts works better for me as I am always chasing squirrels and hiding my bones in the ivy.  My present was a really cool RED necklace.  I think it is my color.  Mommy, of course, had to design a matching one for her.  I kinda like that!  We are the bestest of friends.  I hope she designs more for us.  I mean, really, when I go out,  they know I'm a COOL dude!  Doggie runway here I come.....

    Thanks MOM! 



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