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Sterling Silver Scales of Justice Bolo

Sterling Silver Scales of Justice Bolo

$185.00 USD

The Art of Gentlemanly Expression - the Bolo.  Being unique is what sets you apart.  You wear Bolos - the ultimate expression of your character. 

This bolo uniquely represents the Scales of Justice which represents the balance of the individual against the needs of society.  

Interested in showing your philosophy or are you in the legal field?  What better way to wear a bolo representing the core of your beliefs.  The scales of Justice are etched in heavy gauge sterling silver with a rich patina gray finish.     This beautiful icon is encompassed in a generous 1.75” sterling silver circle. 

  • Protecting the surface of each Sterling Silver Bolo and allowing the beauty of the piece to shine through, Renaissance Wax Polish has been applied.  
  • Genuine black leather braided cord.
  • Stainless Steel Tension Bolo Back.  The spring lever puts tension on the cord, holding it against the bolo back.  Squeeze the lever to release tension so that the back can be moved or adjusted without rubbing or scraping against the cord.  Considered THE BEST!
  • The bolo tips are Sterling Silver Stamped with a 3mm bead.  

Choose from 2 sizes:  36" or 44" - for the taller guy!

Each Bolo is handmade and hallmarked verifying the

Sterling Silver content.

Made in the USA with Pride.  

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