Argentium Silver Dolphin Cuff

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Marye Brenda

Argentium Silver Dolphin Cuff

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Simply stunning, this Argentium Cuff Bracelet features a raised dolphin.  The argentium silver twisted wire shows off the approximate 1.75" slightly curved rectangular argentium silver dolphin feature.  

Available Sizes (inside circumference)

Small: 6 1/4" circumference
Medium: 7"

Large: 7 1/2" circumference.   

If you absolutely love this argentium silver dolphin cuff, you will certainly fall in love with the argentium silver dolphin necklace handmade just for you.  Click here to see this statement necklace.  

If you love dolphins, then I'm sure you will love the argentium silver dolphin necklace that we handmade just for you.  Click here to see this statement, one of a kind, argentium silver dolphin necklace.

Argentium Silver is:

* Highly Tarnish Resistant: Because it is a purer silver than traditional sterling silver, it is highly resistant to the effects of tarnishing agents.

* More Sterling Silver content than traditional sterling silver: Argentium Silver is 93.5% pure silver whereas traditional sterling silver is 92.5%.

* Hypoallergenic

* Recycled: It is certified that Argentium is produced using 100% recycled silver.

As a member of the Argentium Guild, Marye Brenda studios has applied for and has received the high honor of being a licensed user of the Argentium Brand and trademarks.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is our most sought after cuff.  At this time, orders will be fulfilled on May 3rd.  Please email me if you absolutely need this cuff before that date.