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Transformation intrigues me - be it in a person, place or thing.  Having a career as a holistic interior designer and a feng shui consultant, I experienced the wonders of transformation both in the personal lives of my clients and also in their environments.  The process is similar to that of the journey of a butterfly, which transforms from an innocuous creature to one of splendor and, at times, unimaginable beauty.  

This is what I experience when I work with metals.  In my studio, sterling silver and copper sheets and wire just stare at me, just waiting to be transformed.  I am amazed each and every time I start cutting, hammering and reaching for another tool - and then voila.  In front of me is a piece of jewelry that speaks volumes.  I try to infuse aesthetic balance in each piece of jewelry, striving to make each piece a showstopper.  

I design jewelry to be every woman's foundation of sophisticated elegance and timeless style.  Creativity and quality come first, not at the expense of price.  I strive to be a destination for creative high quality, handcrafted jewelry.

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My Way of Giving Back - The Compassionate Friends


They Saved My Life

….and I want to give back so that they are there to save the life of another surviving parent. My 19 year old son died in an automobile accident, and I felt I couldn’t breathe - let alone walk. I sat in the car on the parking lot at my first Compassionate Friends meeting, watching parents whose children died, walk into the building. I didn’t understand how they could do that, because I felt that I couldn’t take my next breath. But with the help of my 15 year old daughter, we got out of the car, and walked into that building for our first meeting.

They Saved My Life

… I send10% of gross sales each month to The Compassionate Friends so that they can help others survive when their child dies. The Compassionate Friends is a national organization that provides grief support after a child dies. If you know of someone who might need their help, please check out the website for them at www.compassionatefriends.org, or to send a special donation.  Thank You.

In Memory of our Precious Son, Big Brother and True Friend

Joe Peisinger, Jr.     (5/17/74 - 5/25/93)

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