Argentium Silver Marquise Square Link Necklace

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Marye Brenda

Argentium Silver Marquise Square Link Necklace

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This argentium silver marquise square link necklace is named after Audrey Hepburn because of its classic and timeless style.  Each handformed marquise necklace is handmade with square argentium silver wire with a strong attention to detail and design for a versatile classic style. Each marquise link is hand cut, formed, fused and polished. The handmade S-hook beautifully compliments the piece and makes the necklace easy to slip on and off.  It’s size is a matinee length approximately 21 to 22 inches.   

Wear it with your little black dress, in the office, or go casual and be a knock out accessorizing your t-shirt and boyfriend jeans.

Because Classic Never Goes Out of Style.

Your beautiful argentium necklace will come packaged in a specialty argentium silver gift box.

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Benefits of Argentium silver:

Highly Tarnish Resistant:  Because it is a purer silver than traditional Sterling silver, it is highly resistant to the effects of tarnishing agents (including pollution, perspiration and UV light).  We, at the studio, increase its resistant to tarnish by exposing the metals to high heat in our Kiln.

Hypoallergenic:  This means that Argentium Silver is suitable for those who are unable to wear traditional Sterling Silver.

Responsible:  It is certified that Argentium is produced using 100% recycled silver.

As a member of the Argentium Guild, Marye Brenda Studios has applied for and has received the high honor of being a licenced user of the Argentium Brand and Trademarks.