Argentium Silver Twisted Bangle

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Argentium Silver Twisted Bangle

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A truly stunning solid argentium silver bangle with plenty of elegance.

Beautifully luxe, can be worn day or evening. Twisted to perfection for an unusual take on an everyday classic. 

This bangle is solid argentium silver not hollow, ensuring it does not lose it's shape: perfect for everyday wear.  It is oval in shape to add the ease in putting this on.  Our wrists are not round - why should your jewelry be?.  An oval shaped bangle rests beautifully on your wrist.  This is not a light bangle weighing in at one-half ounce (15 g).

Interior measurements are approximately 7.75" to 8"; the perfect size for a medium to large wrist.  Please measure your wrist before ordering.

Proudly designed and handmade in the USA.