Argentium Silver Vertical Bar Necklace

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Argentium Silver Vertical Bar Necklace

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Introducing the Argentium Silver Vertical Bar Necklace - a unique and stylish piece of jewelry that will have heads turning. Crafted from highly polished Argentium Silver, this bar necklace is a timeless and elegant piece that will last you a lifetime.

The Vertical Bar Necklace measures 1.75"inches in length with the bar of 1/8" thick and hangs from a delicate chain made of Sterling Silver. The necklace is secured with a lobster clasp and is guaranteed to stay secure and comfortable all day long. The necklace has a beautiful gleam and the polished surfaces of the Argentium Silver adds to its luxurious look and feel.

The Argentium Silver Vertical Bar Necklace is perfect for any occasion - whether you are going out for a night on the town or simply want to add a modern touch to your everyday style. This necklace will add a touch of glitz and glamour to any outfit and will instantly transform any look.

This necklace is not only stylish and beautiful, but it is also skin-friendly and highly durable. Argentium Silver is highly resistant to tarnish, which makes this necklace perfect for everyday wear. Furthermore, Argentium Silver is a hypoallergenic material, so it is unlikely to cause any skin reactions.

Enhance your style with the Argentium Silver Vertical Bar Necklace – a unique and fashionable piece of jewelry that is sure to draw attention. With its polished surfaces and hypoallergenic features, this necklace will be a timeless accessory for every occasion.

Available in 3 necklace lengths: 16", 18" and 20".

This stunning necklace arrives in a beautiful gift box.

Benefits of Argentium silver:

Highly Tarnish Resistant:  Because it is a purer silver than traditional Sterling silver, it is highly resistant to the effects of tarnishing agents (including pollution, perspiration and UV light).  We, at the studio, increase its resistant to tarnish by exposing the metals to high heat in our Kiln.

Hypoallergenic:  This means that Argentium Silver is suitable for those who are unable to wear traditional Sterling Silver.

Responsible:  It is certified that Argentium is produced using 100% recycled silver.

As a member of the Argentium Guild, Marye Brenda Studios has applied for and has received the high honor of being a licenced user of the Argentium Brand and Trademarks.  This entitles us the unique ability to use the Winged Unicorn Mark and the "Made in Argentium Silver" logo.   Our license and stamp number is AS 1834.