Circle and Gold Spike Earrings

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Marye Brenda

Circle and Gold Spike Earrings

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Create a fashionable statement with these stunning Circle and Gold Spike Earrings. Handcrafted in the USA from gold-plated sterling silver, our earrings are sure to become a chic staple in any wardrobe. Their classic design featuring a circle of small spikes will add a hint of subtle sophistication to any look.

These earrings are made for those who appreciate beauty and quality craftsmanship. They feature a durable plated gold finish that will maintain its shine long after your purchase. The sterling silver material is non-tarnishing, ensuring you’ll be wearing a piece of jewelry that will last for years.

Make a fashion statement without breaking the bank. Our Circle and Gold Spike Earrings are unbelievably affordable, yet they look expensive and luxurious. Not to mention, you’ll be supporting a local American jewelry maker.

Put the perfect finishing touch on any outfit and enjoy a little extra sparkle every day with these beautiful Circle and Gold Spike Earrings. Add them to your cart today and get ready to experience the power of high-quality, handcrafted jewelry that will last a lifetime.

These gorgeous  earrings will be delivered to your door in a beautiful gift box.