Enameled Ocean Mist Necklace

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Marye Brenda

Enameled Ocean Mist Necklace

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Experience the serene beauty of the Enameled Ocean Mist Necklace from the Ocean Whispers Collection. This handcrafted piece has been lovingly crafted in the USA and is sure to add a calming touch to any look. Let the stunning blues and greens of the enamel bring the ocean’s peacefulness into your life.

The unique design and high-quality materials make the Enameled Ocean Mist Necklace truly special. A truly timeless piece, this necklace is sure to be treasured for years to come. Its intricate details and delicate finish make it the perfect gift for any special occasion. And with its included gift box, it’s a gift they will never forget.

Unwind and let your worries drift away with the tranquil beauty of this necklace. Add this piece to your wardrobe and bring a bit of the ocean’s serenity into your day. Buy the Enameled Ocean Mist Necklace today and enjoy its calming beauty for years to come.

The pendant is approximately 1.25 inches round.

Available in 3 necklace lengths: 16", 18", and 20".